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It’s a nice throwback to more aged times, and retro gameplay always has the place in the hearts of even the most simple gamers. Now comes Lep’s World 2, and it’s more of the comparable. Literally. This is practically the exact same game like the first one. Heck, even the App icon is precisely the same as the first. You play as a pine cone throwing, coin collecting leprechaun posessing to traverse a bunch of levels to recovery his people and get his yellow metal back from an evil wizard. Just as in the first game, Mario’s turtles are replaced by snails, mushrooms are clovers and pipes are tree-stumps. Etc, and many others, etc . It’s almost like the developers built some videogame version of a word-processor’s ‘find and replace’ function and used it for Mario. They just forgot to make the video game enjoyable in any way, shape or form. Seeing that uninspired as Lep’s World was, component two seems even more cheap as it is basically just a retread of the first one. Almost all the levels are nearly identical to the 1st game in their design and look, and most on the enemies are exactly the same. However , that’s a whole different issue, which usually needs gentler touch than a Pirate’s. There are a point to this ramblin’ openin’ though, and that point lies in Lep’s World 2 Moreover. The thing about platformers is that they have their unique standard tropes and a lot of them come from the Mario Games. However , over time, the tropes have come to change along with the games, so sometimes homage is necessary. It’s a nice throwback to more mature times, and retro gameplay always has the spot in the hearts of even the most unconventional gamers. Lep’s World 2 Plus might be taking a little bit of liberty with the word “homage”. You see, the first levels of Super Mario always had a familiar feel to it, and at the same time, the platforming action has been a formula.