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It’s a nice throwback to more aged times, and retro gameplay always has a spot in the hearts of even the most unconventional gamers. The coders were even nice enough to slot over the same crummy controls from the former. When Lep leaps, he seems to drift in the air and movements in general are unresponsive and sticky. It sometimes seems like the buttons aren’t even there. You do acquire some power ups in this go-round, like invincibility and super-speed, and as you progress you are going to gain access to different abilities like wall-jumping and swinging from ropes. And Lep grows to fight bosses this time around too! Unfortunately, they are awful and boring fights that seem like they were included as an afterthought. In fact , most of the enhanced abilities and changes in that game just seem like they were tacked again to try and give the game the appearance of something different. Lep’s World 2 is basically a clone associated with a clone. Even with the ‘improvements’ made within the first one, it’s still tedious, vapid, ineffective garbage. If you want some original and imaginative ‘Mario’ type games then please take a gander at games like Soosiz or Terra Noctis. If you want the gaming equivalent in banging your head against a wall, then simply go ahead and buy this game. even though Buccaneers love to plunder villages and ships, there is a line that we don’t cross. even though Buccaneers love to plunder villages and ships, there are a line that we don’t cross. Though we do steal the booty and coin, we try not to steal ideas out of people who’ve worked hard at ‘em and wish ta profit off ‘em. O ‘course, while piratin’ is a huge thing on tha internet now, it don’t mean that those pirates try to copy the game play and pass it off as their individual. However , that’s a whole different issue, of which needs gentler touch than a Pirate’s. There is a point to this ramblin’ openin’ though, which point lies in Lep’s World 2 And. The thing about platformers is that they have their very own standard tropes and a lot of them come from the Mario Games. It turned out an utterly shameless clone of Very Mario Bros. and was quickly ripped down from the AppStore. But through the magic of resubmission, it came back to the marketplace as Lep’s World. It was kind of like purchasing a Suny camera instead of a Sony. Now comes Lep’s World 2, and it’s more of the comparable. Literally. This is practically the exact same game as the first one. Heck, even the App icon is precisely the same as the first. You play as a pinus radiata cone throwing, coin collecting leprechaun that has to traverse a bunch of levels to relief his people and get his rare metal back from an evil wizard. Simillar to in the first game, Mario’s turtles happen to be replaced by snails, mushrooms are clovers and pipes are tree-stumps. Etc, etcetera, etc .