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Kids currently have very little trouble suspending the disbelief (I cannot consider I used to love Voyage into the Bottom of the Sea), plus they like figuring things out just as much as adults do. The huge success of the remade Legend of Zelda intended for the Nintendo 64 proven both that there's clearly nonetheless a market there, and that 3 DIMENSIONAL engines have just as much to contribute to adventure games because they do to other types. We'll still have to face that issue of development costs, but with companies now often spending a million dollars or more on their games, it's not as if the other genres are affordable either. The voice-overs and video segments that used to be found only in trip games are now included in a lot of games. Recording video costs the same amount whether it's for a wargame or an adventure game. Adventure games appeal to a place which is unimpressed by the scale the explosions or the rate of the engine, a market the fact that for the most part, we're ignoring. The voice-overs and video segments that accustomed to be found only in experience games are now included in a lot of games. " At the Game Developers' Conference, there used to certainly be a lot of round table discussions devoted to interactive storytelling, plus they would continue over beverages in the bar. That is back when adventure games were king. When LucasArts and Sierra On-line were at the top of their form, adventure activities were the best-looking, highest-class games around. They were funny, scary, mysterious, and fascinating. Excursion games provided challenges and explored areas that different genres didn't touch. Then, the early '90's, wargames ended up being moribund - they were little turn-based, hexagon -based games that sold 5, 500 to 10, 000 models apiece. First-person games are almost nonexistent; we didn't have the technology for them. In the world of action, side-scrollers ruled. Trip simulators were crude and blocky-looking. For richness, interesting depth, characterization and sheer artsy effort, adventure games had been head and shoulders over a other genres, and the idea showed in both their development and marketing finances. A lot of people worked on them plus much more people wanted to. Adventure activities have since faded into the background, pushed aside in most cases by 3D shooters and real-time strategy games. The concept "adventure game" itself is of a misnomer nowadays. It's a shortening of the phrase "Adventure-type game, " which on its own is a tribute to the 1st adventure game of them all, oftentimes called Colossal Cave although more often simply known as Adventure. But for the real white-knuckled, heart-in-the-mouth feeling of danger that should join an adventure, it's hard to beat a modern 3 DIMENSIONAL game like Half-Life or Thief: The Dark Job, especially when it's played by itself late at night. The term "adventure game" came to mean a game title with characters, puzzles, and a plot to be unfolded, usually without any twitch factors. 3D accelerator cards a new lot to do with the adventure game's decline. 3D engines make it possible for ease of movement, unlimited points of views, and above all, speed. 3 DIMENSIONAL acceleration is one of the best points that ever happened on the industry, but in our hurry to make the games ever speedier, we've sacrificed the visible richness of our settings. What's the point of having a amazingly beautiful environment if you're likely to race through it overlooking anything that doesn't shoot at you?The other thing that pushed the traditional adventure video game out of the limelight was on the web gaming. When I first got into the industry, most developers don't know that the Internet existed, and on-line gaming was a very small little niche occupied by companies like CompuServe and GEnie. Publishers couldn't become bothered to even learn about it, much less develop for this. Nowadays on-line gaming is completely the rage, and very few games are produced that don't have a multi-player mode. Some games, like Tremble and its successors, are designed mostly for multi-player mode, and single-player mode is more of the afterthought. There's an old laugh that there are two kinds of persons in the world, those who divide the kinds of people in the world right into two kinds, and those who don't. On the whole, I'm one of the latter - oversimplification is in charge of many of the world's problems. The voice-overs and video segments that used to be found only in excursion games are now included in a lot of games.