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You see, the first levels of Super Mario always had a familiar feel to it, and at the same time, the platforming action has been a formula. Much like in the first game, Mario’s turtles are replaced by snails, mushrooms are clovers and pipes are tree-stumps. Etc, and so on, etc . It’s almost like the developers crafted some videogame version of a word-processor’s ‘find and replace’ function and used it at Mario. They just forgot to make the game enjoyable in any way, shape or form. When uninspired as Lep’s World was, component two seems even more cheap as it may be basically just a retread of the first one. Almost all of the levels are nearly identical to the initial game in their design and look, and most of the enemies are exactly the same. It gets so bad that you’d be forgiven if, for the moment, you accidentally thought you were playing the original. The graphics are a little crisper compared to the first, some of the backgrounds are different and there are levels where you swim, but those are the only variations you’ll notice. The designers were even nice enough to vent over the same crummy controls from the first one. When Lep leaps, he seems to drift in the air and movements in general are unconcerned and sticky. It sometimes seems like the buttons aren’t even there. The thing about platformers is that they have their private standard tropes and a lot of them come from the Mario Games. even though Cutthroat buccaneers love to plunder villages and ships, there is a line that we don’t cross. Even though we do steal the booty and coin, we try not to steal ideas via people who’ve worked hard at ‘em and wish ta profit off ‘em. O ‘course, while piratin’ is a huge factor on tha internet now, it would not mean that those pirates try to copy the overall game and pass it off as their own. However , that’s a whole different issue, which inturn needs gentler touch than a Pirate’s. There’s a point to this ramblin’ openin’ though, which point lies in Lep’s World 2 And. The thing about platformers is that they have their individual standard tropes and a lot of them come from the Mario Games.