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It’s a nice throwback to mature times, and retro gameplay always has the place in the hearts of even the most relaxed gamers. You see, the first levels of Super Mario always had a familiar feel to that, and at the same time, the platforming action has been a system. The thing about platformers is that they have their individual standard tropes and a lot of them come from the Mario Games. The creators were even nice enough to harbour over the same crummy controls from the former. When Lep leaps, he seems to float in the air and movements in general are unresponsive and sticky. It sometimes seems like the buttons aren’t even there. You do find some power ups in this go-round, like invincibility and super-speed, and as you progress you will gain access to different abilities like wall-jumping and swinging from ropes. And Lep reaches fight bosses this time around too! Unfortunately, that they are awful and boring fights that appear to be they were included as an afterthought. In fact , most of the enhanced abilities and changes in the following game just seem like they were tacked on to try and give the game the appearance of something different. Lep’s World 2 is basically a clone of your clone. Even with the ‘improvements’ made within the first one, it’s still tedious, vapid, worthless garbage. If you want some original and inventive ‘Mario’ type games then please take a look at games like Soosiz or Terra Noctis. If you want the gaming equivalent of banging your head against a wall, afterward go ahead and buy this game. even though Helps make pirates love to plunder villages and ships, there are a line that we don’t cross.