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2 weeks [D] shortening of the phrase "Adventure-type game, " which itself is a tribute to the first adventure game of them all, oftentimes called Colossal Cave nevertheless more often simply known as Trip. But for the real white-knuckled, heart-in-the-mouth feeling of danger that should accompany an adventure, it's really difficult to beat a modern 3 DIMENSIONAL game like Half-Life or Thief: The Dark Job, especially when it's played alone late at night. The term "adventure game" came to mean a game with characters, puzzles, and a plot to be open for use, usually without any twitch aspects. 3D accelerator cards had a lot to do with the adventure game's decline. 3D engines allow ease of movement, unlimited perspectives, and above all, speed. 3D acceleration is one of the best points that ever happened on the industry, but in our run to make the games ever faster, we've sacrificed the visual richness of our settings. Can be the point of having a amazingly beautiful environment if you're likely to race through it dismissing anything that doesn't shoot toward you?The other thing that pushed the traditional adventure video game out of the limelight was on the internet gaming. When I first got into the industry, most developers decided not to know that the Internet existed, and on-line gaming was a tiny little niche occupied simply by companies like CompuServe and GEnie. Publishers couldn't always be bothered to even learn about it, much less develop for doing it. Nowadays on-line gaming is completely the rage, and very couple of games are produced that don't have a multi-player setting. Some games, like Quake and its successors, are designed primarily for multi-player mode, and single-player mode is more of the afterthought. There's an old tall tale that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who divide the kinds of people in the world inside two kinds, and those exactly who don't. On the whole, I'm among the latter - oversimplification is in charge of many of the world's problems. Nevertheless , I do believe that there are two kinds of gamers in the world, those that like playing computer games without any help, and those who like playing them against other people. Multi-player video games, despite their current popularity, aren't for everyone. For one thing, they might need (surprise! ) other people, and this means that you have to have the opportunity to execute together. There isn't an adversary in the usual sense, neither is there a victory state, other than having solved all of the puzzles and reached the final of the story. Adventure games are about the actions of individual in a complex world, usually a world where minds are more important than firearms. If you play them with someone else, it should be someone sitting in the same room with you helping you think that - adventure games praise lateral thinking. The genre is not without its problems, the worst of which can be its development cost. Infocom and LucasArts got quite good at developing reusable machines, with their Z-machine and SCUMM respectively, but the real money basins were all that artwork and all that audio. Stories need content, and interactive stories require three to five times as much content because linear ones do. Publishers put a heck of your lot of money into developing their particular adventure games (Phantasmagoria turned out on seven compact disks) and they simply didn't start to see the kind of revenue needed to justify the expense. When you could make more than as much money with a Quake-based game at a practical cost, why bother fast developing an adventure game?Regardless of all this, I think they're owed for a comeback. There's nonetheless a market for the slower-paced game whose challenge is usually primarily mental. Filled with smart brainteasers and visual attractions, adventure games were often popular with women. And although more women are using computers and playing games than ever before, in terms of offering entertainment that many women like, I think the industry features actually slipped backwards a bit. The voice-overs and video segments that accustomed to be found only in experience games are now included in all kinds of games. " At the Game Developers' Conference, there used to be described as a lot of round table chats devoted to interactive storytelling, and they would continue games-all-time.html">over drinks in the bar. That is back when adventure games had been king. When LucasArts and Sierra On-line were near the top of their form, adventure online games were the best-looking, highest-class games around. They were hilarious, scary, mysterious, and fascinating. Excitement games provided challenges and explored areas that additional genres didn't touch. During that time, the early '90's, wargames were moribund - they were tiny turn-based, hexagon -based online games that sold 5, 1000 to 10, 000 models apiece. First-person games are almost nonexistent; we didn't have the technology for them. In the wonderful world of action, side-scrollers ruled. Flight simulators were crude and blocky-looking. For richness, range, characterization and sheer creative effort, adventure games were head and shoulders over a other genres, and that showed in both their particular development and marketing finances. A lot of people worked on them plus more people wanted to.