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The current emphasis on driving and flying and shooting (all thanks to 3D accelerators, in course) doesn't really appeal to a lot of women; nor does the nitpicky business of managing weapons production that takes up much of your time in real-time approach games. The other market that adventure games are fantastic for is younger kids, especially if the game doesn't require a lot of motor skills. Kids possess very little trouble suspending their disbelief (I cannot believe I used to love Voyage into the Bottom of the Sea), and they like figuring things out just as much as adults accomplish. The huge success of the remade Legend of Zelda to get the Nintendo 64 demonstrated both that there's clearly still a market there, and that A 3D MODEL engines have just as much to contribute to adventure games as they do to other styles. We'll still have to face that issue of development costs, but with companies now typically spending a million dollars or more troubles games, it's not as if the other genres are low-cost either. The voice-overs and video segments that accustomed to be found only in adventure games are now included in a variety of games. Multi-player activities, despite their current popularity, aren't for everyone. For one thing, they might require (surprise! ) other people, and that means that you have to have the opportunity to execute together. If you don't have much leisure time, and like to play games simply speaking segments, you need to be able to give up a game without disappointing someone else. You could obviously play very quick on-line games like texas holdem and blackjack, but if you want to play long games intended for short periods, you need a huge single-player game. Another reason many people prefer to play games by themselves is known as a matter of temperament. I play childish games for fun, and I want the individuals I'm playing with to enjoy themselves as well. I'm not generally there to rip their hearts out; I'm there for your pleasant social occasion. I'm sure while children we've all played out games with someone who gloated over his victories, sulked over his losses, and usually acted like a jerk. Too many of the on-line worlds and so are with such people: teenager psychotics whose only satisfaction in life seems to be taunting other people. I have better manners than that, and I got plenty of taunting on the grade school playground to last us a lifetime, thank you very much. But the most crucial reason to play alone is due to the sense of captivation. The voice-overs and video segments that employed to be found only in adventure games are now included in all kinds of games. In the world of action, side-scrollers ruled. Trip simulators were crude and blocky-looking. For richness, more detail, characterization and sheer artsy effort, adventure games were head and shoulders over a other genres, and it showed in both their very own development and marketing costs. A lot of people worked on them and more people wanted to. Adventure activities have since faded into the background, pushed aside for the most part by 3D shooters and real-time strategy games. The term "adventure game" itself is a bit of a misnomer nowadays. It's a shortening of the phrase "Adventure-type game, " which by itself is a tribute to the 1st adventure game of them all, at times called Colossal Cave nevertheless more often simply known as Experience. But for the real white-knuckled, heart-in-the-mouth feeling of danger that should join an adventure, it's hard to beat a modern 3D game like Half-Life or maybe Thief: The Dark Venture, especially when it's played alone late at night. The term "adventure game" came to mean a game title with characters, puzzles, and a plot to be open for use, usually without any twitch components. 3D accelerator cards a new lot to do with the adventure game's decline. 3D engines enable ease of movement, unlimited perspectives, and above all, speed.